Cosmic Fire Pan: The New Way To Cook Your Food!

Cosmic Fire Pan: The New Way To Cook Your Food!

The non-stick pans or cast-iron pans on the market now are either not truly non-stick, or with harmful material like PFOA and PTFE, or can be easily deformed under high temperature, not long-lasting at all. As the first pan featured with Graphene coating, Cosmic Fire pan is able to change all the situations above.

The need for a new product
A lot of users complained about the pans and pans liners that are made out of low quality materials, but the materials used are what are used commonly in all the frying pans and pans lining. Although they can easily be reused, they can also be weakened under high temperature, causing the non-stick material to get degraded over time. The solution When this problem was brought to the attention of a company called Globe Tech Co., Ltd., they decided to solve the problem by creating Graphene based non-stick pan. Graphene sheets were created and had given a coating to a cast-iron pan, and the edges of the pan were milled, putting a hole in the middle, and the sheet wrapped around the edges to form a perfectly round and smooth-looking pan.

The Cosmic Fire Pan
The Cosmic Fire pan is said to be the only one in the market using Graphene coating as the non-stick agent, and are not mixed with PTFE and other harmful materials. The Graphene coating will be applied on the Graphene coated cast iron pan only at the time of cooking. The Pan is non-stick and completely cleanable. There are Graphene flakes inside the pan which will protect the pan and keep it clean.

Why is the Cosmic Fire Pan different?
The coating can make the pan truly non-stick and the coating itsel is as strong as the material in the original cast iron pan. The material is strong enough to hold heat for long time. The coating also supports and seals the metal shell of the pan. The last but most essential part is the material produces no harmful gas after the heating process. Future of the product The ultimate goal is to create a pan with all Graphene coating, Graphene shell and cast iron. With this pan, one does not need to spend more time on oiling or cleaning the pan. Instead, the work is done by the pan itself. The nanotechnology of the coating is also helpful in the decreasing the temperature while cooking. How will this product be positioned in the market?

How does it work?
Cast iron pans is mostly made of steel, while carbon graphite is available in powder form. When steel and graphite is mixed, the composite material is formed and under high heat, carbon graphite material reacts. Because of this, the surface of the pans will turn from grey to light beige, similar to the particles of rust being exposed. When a transparent food item is placed on the pan, you can see a layer of translucent, non-stick layers, thus removing the plate from sticky situation when you are frying your food. Benefits: Low carbon footprint High heat tolerance Non-stick, non-stick surface Composite material creates nanostructured structure, which provides stability to your pan How is it different from other pans?

Creating a special pan is a very tedious task and the most important one, especially when you are dealing with a good quality cast iron pan that you will be using to prepare your daily meals. Now the most difficult part is gone for you, so buy a brand new cast iron pan and start cooking right now!