If you just got the Uwell Crown Pod System, you’ll probably want to know the durability of your replacement coils. Uwell replacement coils have gained a reputation for delivering some of the fluffiest clouds, purest flavor and the most longevity.

However, simply because Uwell Crown Pod coils are exceptional doesn’t mean they’ll last forever. As you know, you can use your coils in some unadvisable ways that’ll lead to premature burnout. And, you definitely don’t like wasting money on coils.

So, if you’re looking to elongate the durability of your Uwell Crown Pod coils, you’ve come to the right spot. Relax and brace yourself as we’ll be providing you with tips that ensure you get the best out of your coils. These tips will also cover how you can ensure the longevity of your coils.

Prime your coils properly

We really can’t overemphasize the need to prime your coils properly. Failing to prime your coils properly will cause them to die prematurely. Plus, unprimed coils don’t deliver the clouds and flavor that you desire. However, if you happen to be lagging in the priming department, we’ll happily refresh your memory with some easy steps to follow –

Ø Firstly, take the coil in one hand and locate the areas where the cotton wick is exposed. Proceed to pour a few drops onto these exposed areas

Ø Secondly, put your coil into your tank and fill your tank with e-juice.

Ø Place the tank down and let it sit for eleven minutes so the e-juice will properly reach the center of the coil’s wick. This is to ensure that the whole wick is evenly and fully saturated.

Ø Now, proceed to attach the tank to your mod. Draw a few puffs without lighting your device so more e-juice will be forced to the center of the wick.

Ø Lastly, get your mod on and start vaping. Start with a low wattage and work your up to 10 watts at every 5 – 6 puffs.

Ensure your wattage level matches your coil’s resistance level

Uwell Crown Pods come in a wide range of resistance levels. Each resistance level also has a specific range of wattages it is compatible with. With this, you’ll want to make sure that you set your device to the right wattage for your coil’s specifications. If not, you risk flooding or burning out your coil.

Avoid letting your tank run dry

The wick of your Uwell Crown Pod coil needs to be constantly saturated with e-liquid to function well. Invariably, if your tank is empty, your wick will definitely dry up. This can cause dry hits when you go on to fire your device as applying heat to a dry coil will burn it. Ensure your tank has the right amount of vape juice before firing your device.

Always use high-quality E-juice

Firing your device on a low-quality e-juice can ruin your device. Low-quality e-juices tend to be extremely high in sugar. That sugar can create a sticky layer of gunk can envelop your coil stopping it from functioning properly. This is why you should always go for high-quality e-juices.

Over to you

Harnessing the tips we discussed above will elongate the durability of your Uwell Crown Pod coils.


  1. What is a vaping pod system?A pod vape, also know pod system, is a tiny vaping device with pre-filled or refillable design. The pod filled with vape juice that integrated with a small battery.
  2. Is pod better than vape?The vape pens use lesser power and low resistance coils, and are less hassle than box mods. Pod mods features sleek, stylish design and are sutible for vapers who practice an on-the-go lifestyle.
  3. What is the difference between a cartridge and a pod?Both vape pens and pods features ready to use. They are no need to prime wicks or swap out coils. Vapers don’t have to fill tanks with prefilled cartridges. But the closed pods need to switch out cartridges.