Built by SMOK, Smok RPM80 is the newest addition to the RPM family.

Following the footsteps of Nord by SMOK, RPM80 had high expectations to meet and seasoned vapers’ lungs to satisfy!

SMOK RPM80 is now being hailed as one of the most decent, and best vape mod starter kit. Given the impressive and endless features and a moderately impressive performance, some even consider the RPM80 a full-fledged vape device.

Let us explore in our detailed review how well SMOK RPM80 performs; and if it has successfully matched Smok’s Nord and Trinity Alpha vape line ups, or not.

Build Quality and Design

Compared to Vaporesso Target PM80, the Smok RPM 80 is a bigger pod.

Owing to its 18650 replaceable batteries that provide 300mAh, Smok RPM 80 has a bulkier body. Surprisingly, despite the bulkier built, Smok RPM 80 is extremely light weight.

In terms of feel quality, the RPM80 feels ultra-light and supremely premium. Stab wood panel design, carbon fiber detailing, and four frames with resin panel options are put together in a remarkable way to achieve a classy look.

Some other design features include:

· 7 color options

· Transparent pods to determine juice levels

Mod Features

The RPM80 vape mod starter kit comes in a full-fledged mode as it offers most features that are desired by vape users:

· A color screen display

· Easy to latch and unlatch battery door to change battery

· A built-in drip tip that is non-replaceable

· Adjustable Airflow Control


As mentioned above, SMOK RPM80 is a full-on, mid to higher wattage vape mod.

Given how RPM80 is a better evolved pod from the low wattage pod, it is an ideal next step from a low wattage pod. Two Smok RPM80 RGC replacement coils are offered too that include:

· A 0.4ohm RPM

· A 0.17ohm RGC (conical) mesh coils

Flavor Hit and Content

In the flavor department, while there are no short comings, the flavor does leave some desires unfulfilled.

The flavor could have been better and richer than it is now, however, considering that it is the mod starter kit, the flavor is enough.

The RGC (conical) mesh coil offers a stronger flavor hit since RGC was designed for RPM80’s 80-watt mod.

Battery Performance

A mod that offers mid to high wattage, but a decent flavor hit usually makes vapers think of a longer battery life. RPM80, however, falls short of meeting those expectations.

At mid-wattage, RPM80 offered moderate vaping time for only a couple of hours.

When ramped up to 80-watt maximum wattage, the battery performance became abysmal and quite a let-down.


The Smok RPM80 is a new addition and hence, it naturally requires a few modifications to allow it to become the next most favorite mode kit.

A better battery life and stronger flavor hit will definitely help RPM80 become the next go-to best mod starter kit.

What separates SMOK RPM80 from other devices is its ability to offer something for everybody. For instance, RPM80 comes with a replaceable battery design, but you can also choose to get one with a non-replaceable, built-in battery.

Our verdict is Smok RPM80 is here to stay and potentially dominate. Just go and get this impressive device to your Newvaping cart.


  1. What is included in a vape starter kit?Generally, a starter kit will include a vaporiser mod with an integrated battery and one or two coils, a vape tank or pod, USB charging cable and other spare parts. You just need to do is purchase your favorite juice.
  2. What is a tank vape?Tank is a part of your vaping device, which is used to hold and fill vape juice, and the coil to fire and create the vapor. Tank is attached with colis, which wicks vape juice from the e liquid tank and heats it up to produce vapor.
  3. How does a vape work?Vape is a battery-powered smoking device. Its cartridges are filled with a liquid containing nicotine, flavorings, and chemicals. The liquid will be heated into a vapor, which the person inhales.

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