Viomi Robot Vacuum Alpha UV (S9): Innovative Technologies about Cleaning

Viomi Robot Vacuum Alpha UV (S9): Innovative Technologies about Cleaning

Today we are going to introduce the Viomi Alpha UV(S9), the upgraded version of the Viomi S9, which adds UV Sterilization. UV Sterilization cleaning experiments sterilize with 99.99% efficiency.

The Viomi Alpha UV(S9)’s Innovative Features
UV sterilization is a high-tech cleaning method that uses UV lamps to sterilize with 99.99% efficiency. UV disinfection is a highly effective cleaning method that is widely used in healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical companies, restaurants, and other fields. To improve its product and services offering, Viomi has now released the ALPHA UV(S9), upgraded from the Alpha(S9). This self empty robot vacuum has been developed with a number of enhancements, including the addition of UV sterilization.

The Benefits of UV Sterilization
The Viomi UV Sterilization Robot Vacuum Cleaner has great advantages over traditional cleaning techniques. 1. It is able to remove all sorts of stains, dust, dirt, hair and food particles.2. The dust is completely vaporized which means it is not irritating and inhaling hazardous chemicals.3. For every single floor that gets vacuumed, the UV Sterilization Robot Vacuum Cleaner will remain perfectly clean with less effort and effort of users.4. Even if the head of the machine is not in the air, the vacuum cleaner will not miss the dirt on the ground. It can move around the whole room at the same time without bumping into any objects and leaving dust. 5. The robot vacuum cleaner does not overwork the lungs or respiratory system of the users.

Why You Need a Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Obviously, in the late 1980s, people started using dustbins, but it was only in the late 1990s that commercial cleaning robots emerged. Few years later, the vacuum cleaners became available, and gradually, they are able to clean more easily than human hands. However, these robots do not just do the job but also act as a servant, housekeeper and babysitter. What’s the point of having robots for cleaning? In the past years, there were many advances in the design and technology of the vacuum cleaners, but the main purpose of a robot is to do the work of a human and fulfill the desires of the customer. Over the past few years, vacuum cleaners have replaced many types of human work. Besides, robotic vacuum cleaners are available today.

How to Choose a Robot Vacuum Cleaner
The best robot vacuum cleaners are capable of changing the nature of cleaning from manual to automated. Robots can clean floors effectively and efficiently because they can reach into hard to reach areas, although they can’t get into tight spaces or carpeted rooms. Moreover, due to their high level of intelligence, robot vacuum cleaners can manage different floor surfaces, and they can handle sticky and slippery surfaces, similar to a human being can. The vacuum cleaners can clean every single surface of your home. Once a robot vacuum cleaner is connected to Wi-Fi and connected to the app, it can track the cleaning patterns automatically. However, it is recommended to connect the robot vacuum cleaner to a hard disk that is attached to the vacuum cleaner and the App.

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