What is Custom Metal Fabrication

What is Custom Metal Fabrication

When you need to manufacture something from metal to exact specifications, what you need is custom metal fabrication. 

Custom metal fabrication uses a wide range of industrial tools to cut, bend, roll, and join metal into complex shapes and assemblies. Common metals used for custom metal fabrication are carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. Some applications need special metals, so custom metal fabrication sometimes will also employ metallurgy.

Steps in the Custom Metal Fabrication Process

Most metal fabrication begins with cutting sheets of metal into smaller sections. The size of these sections will depend on the product design and the limitations of tools and equipment.

Metal surfaces are bent into various shapes in the folding process. Press brakes and folding machines are used to accomplish these bends for some designs.

In this process, two separate metal parts are bonded together by melting to create a larger component or a final design. Sheets, panels, bars, and a variety of other metal parts may be welded together.

Different cutting and shaping tools are used to remove sections from a piece of metal. The metal will be rotated against certain tools to cut away pieces of the product until it’s reached its desired shape or size.

Punch presses are used to create holes in a piece of metal where other parts can be secured. According to the design and size of the metal, this can be performed by a small manual punch press or a larger, more complex CNC punch press.

Shearing is often used to trim edges on long metal sheets by making long cuts in sheets of metal.

Stamping uses compressive force against a die to shape a metal sheet, but unlike punching, stamping doesn’t puncture the material. Stamping has broad applications, including putting branding or lettering onto a metal object, creating a specific design shape. 

Molten metal is poured into a mold and is left to solidify into the final design shape. This is a flexible fabrication process that is frequently used to create complex shapes.

Choose A Professional Custom Metal Fabrication Company

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